New Jersey Bullmastiffs for sale

Bullmastiffs are a great breed of dog, when investing in a Bullmastiff puppy you need to first possess a basic knowledge of this breed. Bullmastiff is really a cross between an English mastiff and an old Pet dog. They may be a very muscular dog. You must also be ready to handle your dog which is quite strong. This kind of dog is extremely agile and athletic. These dogs certainly are a very large breed that may weigh between 110-133 pounds. This breed just isn't for a first-time pet owner. This breed will come in many different colours for example; Fawn, Red, Brindle, in different shades of each.

New York Bullmastiffs for sale
Bullmastiff Behavior and Temperament

The temperament of the Bullmastiff is a confident, yet docile dog. They're very courageous and could be extremely loyal to their family. They could also become very attached to his or her owners. They're great companion for children if well socialized. The Bullmastiff breed never was bred for hunting so they shouldn't show indications of aggression (with the exception of certain instances). Bullmastiff has a tendency to get along better with same sex genders (dogs).

New York Bullmastiffs for sale
How you determine if the Bullmastiff breed meets your needs?

 If you desire an extremely powerful dog

 Has a short coat, easy to look after

 Can create a good watch dog

 Only needs moderate exercise

 Very quiet while indoors (as a possible adult dog)

How to determine a Bullmastiff isn't for you?

 Can also have serious medical issues

 Can be destructive if left alone for to long

 Is an extremely heavy dog that likes to climb around you, unless taught not too

 Very strong willed and robust minded

 Like to slobber and drool everywhere

 Can have flatulence problems (farts a lot)

 Can have legal issues in certain areas for example; bans, insurance problems, lawsuits

 Can be very rowdy

 Very big dog, requires a large amount of space

 Snorts, grunts, can snore loud

 Can also show aggression against people along with other animals if not socialized properly

 Can possess a short lifespan

These tips should help you select in case a Bullmastiff is right for you, remember to execute a large amount of research before selecting a puppy and also ensure you are getting from the good bullmastiff breeder.


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